An efficient/powerful way to extract information around you!

People are curious creatures, always wonder what things around them. If you are one of them, PicSnatcher provides an efficient way to help you to extract any useful information that you might be interested in your daily life!

PicSnatcher provides 3 main extraction features to get information you need in lightning fast speed.

  • Text Extraction: Extract all available texts in images. All phone number, addresses, links etc. will be formatted if applicable. It is able capable to tell you what this language and its confidence level is.

  • Object Recognition: Scan and extract all possible objects. It delivers all recognized objects, labels, level of confidences and its location in images.

  • Celebrity Detection: Quickly recognize all celebrity faces and provide their locations in images.

All you need to do is to take a picture and use PicSnatcher to scan it. You will get results in a few seconds!

Object Recognition

Below is the object recognition result page. You are able to have all possible recognizable objects listed along with their confidence level. You can also directly check its wiki info by pressing each object label.

You can even click the image and show all the extracted object locations by clicking the right upper icon!

Text Extraction

You are able to extract all available texts in scanned image. PicSnatcher is able to extract and parse all specific contents (phone numbers, addresses, web links, emails, tracking number, calendar and more) so you can simply press those parsable content for particular actions(Make a call, email someone or open websites and etc). You can also copy all of those results byh clicking Copy icon on the result box. Currently text extraction supports about 60 languages. Please refer to the link to get more information.

Celebrity Detection

PicSnatcher also equips with feature to detect celebrity faces. It is able to extract all possible celebrities on the image and provide names, confidence level and their information on wikipedia. You are also able to know face location as PicSnatcher is able to tag them in image directly for you! Just be aware that detection precision depends on many factors (image quality, face angle and etc), it is not able to have 100% precision rates. You might want to try different pictures in order to have relatively high confidence level

Saved Results and Camera

All extraction results are automatically saved in the app. You can open results anytime later in the Images tab. You can also remove any results or wipe out the entire records altogether in Home tab. You can save up to 50 pictures along with results.

Camera is also available to use directly in the app so you can extract anything you are interested immediately. Simply go to Scan tab and press Picture or select Camera in the right upper menu

Privacy Concerns

We understand that privacy is important to everyone. Although this app is using Google Vision and Amazon Rekognition to scan images, we do NOT collect any image contents and save them in our backend server. All data will be wiped out right after scan is finished. We dont save any image results on our server (database, logs and etc). Unique identifier (Email, Sign in with Apple or Sign in with Google) is the only thing required to manage our server backend security. Please refer to more info in our Private Policy page.

Contact and Help

Please reach me at for any issues and questions!